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The Benefits of Having Concrete Block in Buildings in Toronto

The concrete block is becoming more and more popular in various building applications from industrial to residential. Besides being highly cost-effective, concrete blocks also provide design flexibility, energy efficiency, durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions. Sadly, many people still have the impression that a concrete block is unattractive and utilitarian, but with advancement in technology these blocks can now be treated with different products and techniques, allowing the creation of impressive finishes that appear a lot more expensive than they are. Read on to learn about the benefits of concrete block in Toronto.

Design Flexibility

As far as design is concerned, concrete block buildings can be shaped and molded into virtually anything your architect comes up with. Concrete blocks are a very flexible building material and their strength means you can build almost anything you can imagine from a single floor to multiple storey homes, and add all kinds of accents, such as arches and pillars. In addition, when used as retaining wall blocks, this material can be used to enhance your yard, since it is easier to shape to the contours of your land and the different levels that require support.

Energy Efficiency

A concrete block building will be more economical than a building using bricks, but it offers the same level of energy efficiency. This is particularly beneficial to people living in very hot climates, as the blocks tend to keep interiors cooler for longer. This way, you will be able to save a lot on heating and cooling expenses.


Concrete block buildings will last almost forever and require very little maintenance. Concrete is among the most durable construction materials available on the market, meaning that any concrete building will retain its beauty for many years to come. Therefore, choosing concrete block in Toronto is a great way to invest for the long term, since the building will retain its value for many years.

Protect the Value of Your Investment with a Concrete Block in Toronto

Concrete block buildings are highly resistant to extreme weather conditions. For that reason, floods, hurricanes, and storms will have little or no impact on a concrete block building. Yes, the interiors might be damaged, for example in the case of a flood, but the building structure will remain intact. Additionally, concrete block buildings are resistant to fire, so in case of a fire tragedy, the building will be safe and will not fall apart as readily.

Choosing a Block Contractor

To enjoy the above benefits of concrete block buildings, you have to choose a good block contractor for the construction job. Ensure that the contractor you choose is licensed. Building is a skilled profession. So, it is important to hire a block contractor with adequate skills and certification. Licensing shows that a contractor is qualified in this field. You should also remember to check their proof of insurance.

Ensure that the block contractor you hire is experienced. The number of years a contractor has been constructing concrete block buildings should be considered. Many years of experience means that the contractor is trustworthy.


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