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Benefits Of Hiring Hydrovac Contractors in Alberta

When considering reclamation in Alberta, hydrovac contractors provide services that come in handy. Hydrovac contractors provide specialized equipment and trucks to complete reclamation and excavation services. Unlike the regular excavation equipment, hydrovac trucks are unique in the sense that they are capable of exposing things covered underground such as sewer piping, water pipes, and other buried objects. Below we shall find out some of the benefits and reasons for hiring contractors offering hydrovac services.

Water makes excavation Easier

Hydrovac trucks and equipment are excellent excavation tools. Since the equipment does not rely on air pressure during excavation, no debris will contaminate the air. It is worth noting that water additionally provides natural lubrication and acts as a coolant, thus improving the entire reclamation and excavation process.

Best option in winter

During winter, you are likely to notice that the ground is icy and hard. As a result, manual excavation may prove difficult and impossible. In winter, it is more effective to hire a competent hydrovac contractor to complete the hydro excavation process. The process involves blasting off earth using hot water. Consequently, the excavation process is easier and faster.

No damage to infrastructure

There is little or no damage to infrastructure when the right methods are incorporated. For instance, if there is need to reclaim or excavate a given area with the aim of exposing a pipeline, it is highly unlikely that the pipeline will be punctured. Even if the directional drilling method is used, which is better than the standard drilling techniques, there is still a high risk of damaging pipelines. Hydrovac equipment and trucks, on the other hand, rely on water pressure, meaning there is little to no risk of pipeline or infrastructure damage. For this reason, it makes a lot of sense to hire a hydrovac contractor for reclamation and excavation services.


When it comes to reclamation in Alberta, hydrovac contractors will assure you that the technique ensures the environment is conserved. During the execution of the procedure, human involvement is reduced and the excavation process is carried out within a constrained area or space. As a result, the reclamation done after excavating the area becomes easier. Yet another benefit is that debris collected as well as the dirty water is disposed of properly in the designated areas. This helps prevent health and environmental hazards.

Numerous applications

Hydro excavation is not just used for creating a catch-basin or septic tank. The process may additionally be used for the creation of holes for posts and poles. The process is also widely used for exposing stumps of trees, regardless of length or diameter. When digging up trenches for line installation or digging up areas that are not so easy to reach, hydrovac comes in handy. Lastly, the process can be used to complete landscaping projects during the installation of fountains and pools.

Better Equipped

Besides their superior skills and experience, professional excavators are better equipped. These professionals have a large arsenal of machinery and tools that enable them to tackle rough and tough conditions. Unlike the novice, if they hit hard rock, the pros will utilize special drills and other machinery to carefully chip the rock.

If you would like to excavate some piece of land or are considering reclamation in Alberta, hydrovac contractors with the right expertise and equipment are your best bet. With the right contractor, you can expect the project to run smoothly. Furthermore, your project will be completed correctly using state-of-the-art equipment to produce satisfactory results. If you want to get the most from your reclamation and excavation project, it is advisable that you engage an expert.

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