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How Emergency First Responders Keep Us Safe in Edmonton

Emergency first responders work every day to keep the public safe. Whether you or someone you know works in the fire department, with emergency services, the police force, or some other aspect of public service, life as we know it could not continue without the benefits provided by emergency first responders.

These first responders help the public in so many ways. When a fire has erupted, fire fighters are the first to head out and respond to it. They are also often the first ones called when there is an accident as they are trained in CPR and other first response medical procedures. Without them, fires would rage out of control and more lives would be at risk every day.

If you need an ambulance, emergency personnel responders are the ones who are going to be checking you out and making sure that everything’s okay. Whether it’s fire or police, read on to find out more about how emergency responders keep us safe.

How Emergency First Responders Keep Us Safe
First response units would not be possible without the dedication of the people who make them up. Their hard work and their dedication to the field is what helps to make things like calling emergency lines for ambulances and saving lives possible. The clock starts ticking once there is an injury or a life-threatening situation, and without the first responders not only coming with their skills but blaring through the streets to get there as quickly as possible, lives would be lost.

Another thing that helps emergency first responders do their job is the equipment and the vehicles that they use every day. Services like these have a fleet of vehicles available that they use to respond to calls. They may even make use of dispatchers that work to keep things organized and delegate responses. The entire system is coordinated in order to be as efficient and responsive as possible.

Many of them use gear such as PA systems or AFRRCS in Edmonton every day while on the job. The AFRRCS is a two-way radio network that is made to be used by first responders in provincial, municipal, and First Nations agencies. This network is being funded by the government for its construction, operation, and maintenance and has been operating ever since July 2016.


A number of public safety agencies are turning to AFRRCS in Edmonton to help their agencies operate more effectively. Agencies that use this response include first responders like ambulance, fire, and police but also others like public transit and works. They use this system to coordinate their responses to emergency scenes between agencies. They also work to help integrate radio communication from different agencies of first responders and make the radio system more affordable.
afrrcs Radio technology has to be on point for responders because, without resilient and effective tech that works from day to day, operations will suffer. PA systems and radio tech like AFRRCS are voluntary, which is why it’s so significant that so many agencies are using them without any incentive except for their effectiveness. Many agencies may be able to use this system at no cost, but only radios that are listed on the permitted radio list can use this system.

First responders do so much for us. Without the equipment and their services, society would be worse off. Thank the next first responder you come across for doing their job the next time you see them – they keep us safe!

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